Cody Rigsby net worth (2022): Bio, Early Life, and More

Cody Rigsby is a dancer, fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and social media sensation from the United States. On June 8, 1987, he was born in the United States. With a net worth of $4 million, he is best known as a Peloton workout instructor. He primarily uses social media to provide lifestyle advice and exercise motivation. He is a well-known fitness trainer both in the United States and around the world. Let’s take a look at Cody Rigsby’s biography, personal life, professional career, and net worth.

In addition to his role as a fitness instructor, he is well-known for his social media presence. He has over 850k Instagram followers. On the other hand, he has over 150K followers on Tiktok.

Cody Rigsby Net Worth

Name Cody Rigsby
Net Worth 2022 $4 Million
Monthly Income $25,000
Annual Income $300,000
Profession Fitness Instructor
Last Updated 2022

Growth in Cody Rigsby Net Worth

Net Worth In 2022 $4 Million
Net Worth In 2021 $3 Million
Net Worth In 2020 $2.2 Million
Net Worth In 2019 $1.5 Million
Net Worth In 2018 $0.7 Million

Biography: Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby was born on June 8, 1987, in northern California, the United States. His single mother, Cindy Rigsby, was his primary caregiver.

He came from a middle-class family and was raised solely by his mother. To complete his studies, he went to a private school in California. Shortly after graduating, Rigsby moved to New York to pursue his career.

Cody Rigsby began his career as a dancer by studying at the Broadway Dance Center. Later in his career as a dancer, he worked with Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Victoria’s Secret, ELLE Magazine, Saturday Night Live, and others in music videos and collaborations. He eventually stopped dancing to concentrate on his fitness career.

Cody Rigsby started his career as a fitness instructor at Peloton, an American workout equipment, treadmill, and media company based in New York City. That was the turning point in his career, and he’s worked for Peloton as a fitness coach ever since. Rigsby’s fitness methods have improved the lives of his students and given them better bodies.

Personal Life

According to some of his social media accounts, Cody Rigsby has been romantically linked to Andrés Alfaro. Andrés Alfaro, Rigsby’s partner, is a fitness and health instructor based in New York City who previously worked for Barry’s Bootcam. p. Rigsby’s official Instagram account documented their relationship, which began in 2019. t.

In 2011, Cody Rigsby dated a girl in college, but he didn’t like her. According to some reports, he had homophobia as a child, which led to him becoming a gay man later in life.


Beginning his career as a dancer, Cody Rigsby received his training at the Broadway Dance Center. After graduating from college, he worked as a backup dancer in a number of music videos for celebrities such as Katy Perry, ELLE Magazine, Saturday Night Live, and others. At the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Rigsby performed alongside Nicki Minaj.

In his early career, Cody Rigsby danced on Saturday Night Live, an American late-night comedy show. He was putting in long hours but not making enough money from his dancing. While working at The Box Manhattan, a burlesque club, he learned about the Peloton Fitness Company from a choreographer who was looking for performers. After that, he decided to give up dancing and pursue a career as a fitness trainer.

Cody Rigsby started his career as a fitness instructor at Peloton, an American workout equipment, treadmill, and media company based in New York City. After being recommended by a choreographer, Cody became one of the highest paid fitness instructors and health guides in the world. He quickly rose to become one of the most expensive Peloton trainers in the fitness industry.

Career as Fitness Trainer

That was the turning point in his career, and he has since worked for Peloton as a fitness instructor. After achieving great success, he began offering fitness advice on social media, which helped him gain even more respect in the country. Cody Rigsby started his career as a backup dancer for a variety of well-known celebrities. He then moved into the fitness industry, which changed his life completely.

As of 2022, Cody Rigsby’s fitness programs have changed people’s lives and given his students better bodies. Peloton, based in New York, is one of the world’s leading fitness companies. This company sells treadmills, bicycles, and a variety of other fitness equipment.

Cody Rigsby is the director of Peloton Cycling as well. Rigsby has also appeared in a number of television shows, including season 30 of the American reality show Dancing with the Stars, which premieres on September 19, 2021. For this show, he was paired with professional dancer and model Cheryl Burke, and they placed third.

Cody Rigsby’s net worth is unknown. ?

According to some sources, Cody Rigsby’s net worth is expected to be $4 million in 2022.

Cody Rigsby earns how much money per year?

Cody Rigsby has a yearly salary of more than $300,000.

Cody Rigsby’s age is unknown. ?

Cody Rigsby was born to a Christian family in northern California on June 8, 1987. As of 2022, he is 34 years old.

Cody Rigsby’s height is unknown. ?

Cody Rigsby stands at a height of 5.11 feet (180 cm).

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