Gamepass games 2022 treasures like Tunic and Paradise Killer

Gamepass games : In recent months, Microsoft has shattered expectations and enraged game writers everywhere by releasing gems like Tunic and Paradise Killer on Game Pass without warning. Then, on the Game Pass front, there was a long period of silence. Some rational observers (hi) thought Microsoft had abandoned the practise of announcing its Game Pass lineups in advance for a while. That is not the case, however! Here’s what’s coming up on the games-on-demand service in the coming weeks.

Gamepass games

Yes, pour one out for The Long Gloomy because it is long and dark, but there are plenty of other games worth your time to fill the void.

Gamepass games 2022 treasures like Tunic and Paradise Killer

April 5

  • Cricket 22 (Cloud, Console)
  • MLB The Show 2022 (Cloud, Console)

April 7

  • Chinatown Detective Agency (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • Dragon Age 2, via EA Play (Cloud)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, via EA Play (Cloud)
  • Star Wars: Squadrons, via EA Play (Cloud)

April 12

  • Life is Strange: True Colors (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • Panzer Corps 2 (PC)
  • The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk (PC)

April 14

  • Lost In Random, via EA Play (Cloud, Console, PC)

As for games getting the boot, F1 2019 will become unavailable on April 18, while the following will disappear a bit earlier, on April 15:

  • ​​MLB The Show 21 (Cloud, Console)
  • Rain On Your Parade (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • The Long Dark (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • Pathway (PC)

Lost In Random, a surprise hit last year, featured a Tim Burton-inspired graphic style as well as a unique fighting system that combined turn-based and real-time action. Chinatown Detective Agency is a point-and-click mystery adventure that requires you to do some extra research (or, let’s be honest, googling) outside of the game.

Life is Strange:

True Colors was also selected as one of Kotaku’s games of the year for 2021. For some of EA’s biggest hits, these have been replaced by a plethora of cloud-gaming capabilities. Overall, it’s an excellent choice, especially given the upcoming release calendar drought, especially when compared to February and March’s barrage.

It’s also the first time Microsoft has revealed a lineup since Sony revealed details about their upcoming PS Plus revamp. PS Plus will launch in June and will be similar to Game Pass in terms of providing access to a large downloaded game library for a monthly fee of $10 to $15. The two services, however, are not interchangeable. To begin with, PS Plus 2.0 lacks (yet) access to a comparable games-on-demand library, such as EA Play. It could use one, given that it’s responsible for roughly half of this month’s Game Pass offers (a ruse to persuade users to pay more for the higher-priced tier, which includes EA Play).

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