JIO F220B Hard Reset Full Process And Video

How to Hard Reset the Jio F220b. How to unlock your Jio F220b Hard Reset phone’s screen lock. By performing a hard reset, you will lose all of your data. If you use the information in this article to hard reset your phone, we will not be held liable if your data is lost.

JIO F220B Hard Reset Full Process And Video

If you have a Jio f220b and need to hard reset your phone for any reason, this article will come in handy. You can easily hard reset your Jio F220b with the help of this article. You can use your phone as if it were brand new after hard resetting it. Let us know how to perform a hard reset on the Jio f220b.

Turn Off

To begin with, turn off your Jio f220b phone. To turn off the device, press and hold the power button.

Star Key + Power Key

You must now press the power and STAR buttons simultaneously on your phone. When the Jio logo appears on your phone’s screen, press and hold the Star button while releasing the Power button.

Wipe Data/Factory Reset

On the screen in front of you, a plethora of options will now appear. With the help of your mobile’s control buttons (up-down, right-left button), select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Then press the OK button on your phone (where the mic icon is located).

Now Confirm

When the options “No” and “Yes” appear in front of you, use your control button to select “Yes” and press the OK button.

Your Jio f220b phone will be hard reset in a matter of seconds.

Reboot To System

The main menu will appear on your screen after you hard reset your phone. You must now restart your phone. To reboot, press the OK button.

Wait a few minutes for the phone to reboot while it is rebooting.

Now The JIO F220B Hard Reset Is Complete

You have successfully hard reset your Jio f220b. Set it up as if it were a new phone.

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