LYF Water 3 LS-5503 Flash File (Stock ROM)

Do you want to flash the LYF Water 3 LS-5503 Flash File device with the stock ROM firmware? In this post, we’ve included an official link to download the stock firmware rom (stockrom). Install it to reclaim the original Android experience on your phone.

This Rom is useful if your device’s screen only displays the logo after booting, if it reboots, if it hangs, if it runs slowly, if it doesn’t work properly, or if you want to restore your device’s factory settings, among other things.


Download LYF Water 3 LS-5503 Flash File (Stock ROM)

Name: Lyf_Water_3_LS_5503_RJIO_IN_P839F50V1.0.0B08_DL
Size: 788 MB
Password: officialroms



How to Flash LYF Water 3 LS-5503:

  1. Install the After Sales software.Download the LYF Water 3 LS-5503 Flash File and install the driver.
  2. Launch the After-Sales tool.
  3. It’s best to flash your phone while it’s in download mode.
  4. Plug in the data cable while holding the volume up and down buttons together.
  5. Qualcomm integration is now visible in Flashtool.
  6. After you’ve clicked Browse, select Programmer, and then File.
  7. Now, from the Flash File Folder, select rawprogram unsparse.xml and click Load XML.
  8. Select patch0.xml from the Patch File drop-down menu.
  9. After clicking on Download Bottom, wait for the flashing process to finish.


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