Nort 2022 Color me tickled pink! It’s the Skylander

Nort 2022 comes to Mabu on a regular basis. He first appeared on the Shattered Island in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, warning the returning Skylander about a turtle blocking the road to Turtle Gully, where the other Mabu were imprisoned. Nort then became a scout for the Mabu Defense Force, assisting the Skylanders in recovering the Green Primordial Goo from the Troll army.

Spyro vs. The Mega Monsters (Nort vs. The Mega Monsters)

Nort 2022 was fishing in the Stinky Swamp when he was ambushed by a large titchy toad and swallowed whole. Kaos rescued him and reunited the Mabu with Nort’s pal Snuckles, who claimed to be abandoning his evil ways in order to fight for good.

Spyro’s Adventure is a Skylanders game.

Nort was one of the Mabu residents forced to flee the Shattered Island after a freak storm destroyed their village. He eventually joined the Mabu Defense Force to help the Skylanders recover sections of the Eternal Tech Source and fight Kaos’ trolls.


Skylanders created the video game Trap Team. Buzz was a member of the Mabu Defense Force when he reformed Team Nort to help the Skylanders at Chompy Mountain and Mystic Mill.


  • Nort may be linked to the Mabu Royal Family of Shattered Island, as he is named after a number of relics and royal items in Heroic Challenges.
  • Despite the name, Nort is unrelated to Norticus.
  • There is a Mabu named Nort-Tron, which is a palindrome, who appears in Trap Team in The Future of Skylands.

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