Spiky Ball: Super Mario 3D Land

Blue spiked balls known as Spiky Balls bounce off walls and roll around. A player will get hurt if they come into contact with a Spiky Ball. A Spiked Ball cannot be defeated without the use of a Star. Spiky Balls move around and act more like barriers, so they are viewed as environmental elements rather than enemies.

More About Spiky Ball

Spiky balls first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 as iron balls with white or silver spikes. They were initially thrown and spit out by Spikes, but they can now be found independently. Typically, they appear in castle-themed levels where they roll around and destroy other barriers. A particular type of object that dangles from chains and swings in various directions are spike balls. Stone Spike Balls, which are ejected from stone spikes and have a similar impact to metal balls, are produced. Another type of spike ball is the Giant Spiked Ball, which is larger than the Spike Ball. Although there are some similarities, the destruction is more severe. Spiky balls are typically defeated by Invincible Mario, but in some games, using the Super Star only protects Mario.

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