jio f320b Mic Jumper Solution 2022 | Full Process & Solutions

jio f320b Mic Jumper Solution 2022 : In this post, we’ll show you how to identify and fix Jio F320B mic problems. Mic Ways for Jio F320B, Mic Not Working Issues, Mic Jumper Solution for your Jio F320B phone’s microphone so that you can use it for phone calls and other tasks that require it.

Each problem, as is customary with smartphone issues, has two primary causes. The problem is caused by one of two things: faulty or damaged hardware, or a software bug.


The most common cause of the microphone issue with the LYF Jio F320B is a malfunction of a tiny component called a mouthpiece, which is normally located at the base of the phone when held in a call position. Because of this problem, people won’t be able to hear you if you start a call. The mouthpiece is responsible for a variety of problems. A mouthpiece problem in a phone can be caused by a number of things, including those listed below.


Possible Causes And Solutions For Jio F320B Mic Issues:

  • Oxidation resistance value (high/low)
  • Unsatisfactory or incomplete contact
  • Circuits that are either open or short

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It’s a little difficult to change the mic on the Jio F320B. Because it is soldered to the motherboard, if you remove it, keep track of where it was installed and replace it there. If you have any broken prints on your microphone connection sites, I’ve listed them all in the diagram below. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to change or add new solutions to this page at any time. So feel free to come back to this website at any time to stay up to date.

A mic or microphone issue can also be caused by a poor contact, resulting in a partial or complete disconnect between the microphone and the interface it is supposed to be connected to. All you have to do in this case is tighten the phone a little more with a screwdriver, or identify the disconnection and solder it back together, and your phone’s mouthpiece will be back to normal.

What To Do If Your Jio F320B Mic Isn’t Working Proper

How to fix a non-functioning Jio F320B microphone. There are two color lines for direct jumper methods to fix the lost mic pins, as shown in the image above. The red color line indicates the mic + pinpoint jumper, while the yellow color line indicates the negative pin jumper. You’ll need to do the same thing if your microphone isn’t working.

For resolving the Jio F320B Missing Mic issue, there are several tried, true, and successful methods.

First and foremost, if the microphone is broken, it must be replaced. By recording your voice or making a direct call from another phone, you can confirm the defective mic.


To replace the lost mic pins, use the same jumper from mic to other/next pinpoints.
Ensure that the mic hole is clear of dust, corrosion, and carbon. The user may experience a low voice problem if the mic hole is closed during a call.

Keep in mind that while every solution on our website has been thoroughly tested by our team of experts, we cannot be held liable for any damage it may cause to your phone. Please note that you are using these repair solutions at your own risk.


Why Mobile Technition Need Jio F320B Mic Jumper Diagram Image ?

This is a diagram with the help of which it is known from where the connecting of Mic came from And that is why it becomes very easy to repair the mobile with its help. From where each connection comes to you, you get to know from the diagram. Which is completely clear in the diagram image


Its Possible 5 Pin Mic To 4 Pin Jumper ?

Friends, this will work in mobile only and only 5 pin of Mic, if you find any problem other than this, then it will not work.Try it, your mobile should use only 5 pins.

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