New PS5 & PS4 Games This Week In USA and UK

What new PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games are available this week in stores and on the PlayStation Network? The week following Thanksgiving is usually quiet, but this year’s popular releases include Need for Speed Unbound, The Callisto Protocol, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Follow the provided links to view a complete list of all PS5 and PS4 game releases scheduled for 2022.

New PS5 & PS4 Games This Week In USA and UK From 28th November to 4th December

The new PS4 and PS5 games that were released between November 28 and December 4 are listed below. Come back daily to see what’s new as this page will be updated.


29th November

  • Last Days of Lazarus (PS5)
  • Monster Truck Journey (PS5, PS4)
  • Sable (PS5)
  • Charlie the Roach (PS5)
  • Backpack Twins (PS4)
  • Soccer Story (PS5, PS4)
  • Soulstice (PS5, PS4)
  • Speedgunner Ultra (PS4)

30th November

  • Astronite (PS5, PS4)
  • Until the Last Plane (PS5)
  • Gundam Evolution (PS5, PS4)
  • Sword of the Vagrant (PS5, PS4)
  • The Outbound Ghost (PS5, PS4)

1st December

  • River City Girls 1+2 (PS5, PS4)
  • Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Remastered (PS5, PS4)

2nd December

  • Need for Speed Unbound (PS5, PS4)
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns (PS5, PS4)
  • The Outbound Ghost (PS5)
  • The Callisto Protocol (PS5, PS4)
  • The Knight Witch (PS5, PS4)


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